protect your computer from Ransomware.

Computer users, protect your computer from Ransomware.

An important message from Pastor Dennis. 

Computer users, protect your computer from Ransomware.

If you receive a message telling you your Computer has a virus, “Don’t panic” but
Calmly unplug your computer from the wall Socket, wait 10 or 15 minutes, plug your Computer back into the wall outlet, turn it On, and the virus message will be gone.

This message “Your computer has a virus” Is coming from hacker’s trying to make a Fast buck. Theses hackers work off of Peoples fear and they try to trick you into
Entering the information they give you Thus, you infect your own computer with
The codes they gave you.

Never click, or enter any information these Hackers give you, but quickly unplug your Computer, wait 10 minutes, hen plug the Computer back into sock and those hackers Will be gone.

Please tell your friends to do the same.
Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Dennis.     

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16.01 | 07:43

We enjoyed it and we were glad that we could be a part of the festivity. Thanks for sharing all the was a blessed Christmas

09.01 | 13:20

Enjoy your posts

21.08 | 21:45

Thank you Evan. Andrea, glad you enjoyed the photo's
Pastor Dennis.

17.08 | 23:19

The photos really capture the fun and enjoyment had by all. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and festivities. Thanks for sharing the memories! Sis Andrea

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