Hannah's faith in God

(1-Samuel 1:1-28)

When I think about birthdays, it reminds me of a woman whom I read about in the Bible; her name was Hannah. Hannah’s husband, Elkanah had another wife, beside his wife Hannah, his second wife’s name was Peninnah. Now Peninnah had several sons and daughters with her husband, Elkanah. And like our October boys and girls birthdays, Peninnah’s Children had birthdays also. Furthermore, every time one of Peninnah’s children had a birthday, Peninnah would invite Hannah to the party, but not because Peninnah was a loving woman, or friends with Hannah, no,’ she asked Hannah so she could provoke her. There is nothing Peninnah enjoyed more than stirring Up Hannah’s emotions because the Lord had closed her womb and she could not bear children (1-Sam.1:7). 

Instead of Peninnah stirring up strife, conflict, and resentment, the Lord tells each of us to stir up love (Heb.10:24). The Bible says whoever loves God must love his or her brothers and sisters also (1-Jn.4:21). Unfortunately, not everyone obeys the Lord’s commandments, and Peninnah was such a person. Did Peninnah displease God when she failed to listen to Him, of course, Peninnah did (Eph.5:6). Not only did Peninnah’s words grieve the Lord, but her words also grieved Hannah,   

and she cried out in anguish, because of her intense sorrow, because she was childless. So it was year by year Peninnah would provoke Hannah every chance she could, and especially when Hannah and her husband went up to the house of the Lord. Hannah’s desire to be a mother was overwhelming and

It affected her, even to the pit of her soul. Hannah knew in her heart that if she were to have any chance of giving birth to a son, she would need God’s help because God had closed Hannah’s womb and she was unable to get pregnant, even though she tried several times. 

Therefore, Hannah prayed and asked the Lord to remember her because she was physically and mentally exhausted over her desire to give birth to a son. Hannah prayed and asked the Lord to bless her with a child. Out of desperation Hannah also made a vow, promising to loan her son to the Lord if He granted her prayer request. Hannah prayed, and poured out her heart to the Lord, The best part of this story is, God heard Hannah’s prayer and blessed her with a son. Hannah named her son Samuel. 

The Lord had compassion on Hannah because He felt her pain, He saw her tears and looked on her emotional state and granted her request.Whenever I read the story about Hannah, It reminds me of the millions of woman scattered throughout the world who also struggle with the urge to experience motherhood, but for reason beyond their control, they, Like Hannah, cannot get pregnant.

If your situation sounds a lot like Hannah’s situation, than do what Hannah did, pray and poured out your heart before the Lord. The Bible said in everything pray (Phil.4:6). The Bible tells us a story about Abraham and Sarah who were past the age of childbearing (Gen.18:11), yet, because of their faith Sarah conceived and bore a child even though it was impossible because of her age (Heb.11:11). Jesus said, if you have faith and believe, nothing will be impossible with you (Lk.1:37). 

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