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Job's story part 1.


Scripture Job 1:1-22. By pastor Dennis L. Johnson

Scripture September 28, 2013


Read Job 1:1-5.

In Job 1:1-5 the Lord makes it clear, “Job is righteous.” Have you ever wondered why God wants to impress Job’s righteousness on our minds.

Could it be because of what Jesus would say to the righteous 2000 thousand years later.

Read 2-Tim.3:10-12.

Job was about to be persecuted for righteousness sake. Personally, I believe Job was persecuted for our sakes. Why? Because through Job’s story we will be ably to learn a great deal about the Lord, about Satan, and even about Job.

The Lord sends a clear message through Job’s story, “even the righteous s suffer.”

Read Job 1:6-8.

In verse 6-8 we see the Lord bragging about Job to Satan. The Lord is no different, then we as a parent. Just as we love to brag about our children, likewise, God loves to brag about His Children, and especially when they are walking in obedience.

Read Job 1:9-10.

In verse 10 God’s bragging soon turns into a challenge when Satan questioned

Job’s motives for fearing God. Can you imagine how Satan’s accusation must have made the Lord feel. How would you feel if you were bragging about your son or your daughter and someone said the only reason he or she loves you is because you protect them and give them things. This is serious, Satan is questing Job’s motives, or his reason for fearing God, this, he does with all believers. Satan is know as the accuser of the brethren.

In verse 10 Satan says, Lord you know I cannot touch Job, seeing you have put a hedge of protection around him, around his household, and around all that he has. Did you know the Lord protected Job with 3 hedges, One for him,

One for his household, which includes his children, his servants, and his hired hands. And one for his possessions which includes his animals. Satan also said to the Lord, you have blessed the work of his hands. Job was truly living the life the Lord promised every believer, health, wealth, and protection. The blessing of the Lord makes one rich (Prov.10:22).

Read Job 1:12.

In verse 12 we see the Lord putting all that Job has under Satan’s power.

Many would ask, if Job is righteous why did God allow Satan to attack him?

If you go on the internet and googol this question you will get several different answer. Personally, I believe God allowed Job to suffer at the hands of Satan for two reasons.

(1) God already knew what was in Job’s heart, by letting Satan test Job, job would learn what was in his own heart. When God allows us to be put under extraordinary pressure it brings out emotions that normal testing might not reveal in a believers heart. Pressures brings things in the heart to the surface.

Read Job 42:1-6.

In verse 6 we see Job saying one things to the Lord. (1) I did not understand.

All the ill emotions hidden deep down in Job’s heart came to the surface and Job repented because of his ill feelings toward the Lord.

ReadMark 11:23-24.

God wants all believers to receive His very best, but this can not happen if our hearts are harbor any ill feelings toward God.

Read 1-Peter 1:3-7.

Trials are designed by God to cleanse the heart of any ill feelings. Are you harboring any ill feelings toward the Lord because of things you can not understand, if so, confess it to the Lord today and let Him cleanse your heart.




Be sure to loin us next week as we discuss Job chapter 1.13-22.

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