Did you know the
Lord was the very first Father
to exist. The Lord became a Father when He
Created Adam and Eve
Can you imagine being the Dad of
Billions and billions of sons and Daughters
Yet God is the Father of us all.

It was God who gave men the ability to
become Fathers themselves when He said to
Adam be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth
And subdue it

The Lord was the first Father to have a Daughter in Law When He gave Eve to Adam in marriage (Gen.1:22).
The Lord was the first Father to become a Grandfather when Adam and Eve gave birth to their first son whom they named Cain (Gen.4:1).

So this Fathers Day let us not forget to wish
the Lord a Happy Fathers Day as well.


This year the Church will be visiting,
       “The Maritime Aquarium”
          Located in Norwalk, Ct.
        The Church will depart from
The Voice Of The Gospel Mission Church
       At 8:00 A.M.
          Saturday, July 21, 2018
             If you plan to attend
      please sign the trip sign-up sheet
                at the Church or,
              phone (845) 344-1982
               And leave a message.
This year we will be providing our own lunch
So be sure you pack a lunch for your group.
Children age 3-12,               $14.00
Children age 13 or older,     $20.00
Adult Admission:                 $20.00  
Senior Citizens                    $19.00 

Admission Price includes entry into the Aquarium, plus, free admittance into the Imax Movie theater.
                             Bus Fee, courtesy
  The Voice Of The Gospel Mission Church

    To visit Maritime Aquarium website, click link,



Evangelist Richard Johnson,
Brian Barrett, Kirsten Martin,
Wanda Wisher, Keith Corley, Jamul,
 Barbara Semon, Cathy Bradford,
Bonnie Wisher, Deirdre Pagan, Chris Febus,
And, Jerome Lewis.

My God bless your special day. 


Have you heard?

On June 29, 2018, At 7:00 P.M.

The Voice of the Gospel Mission Church
is having a spring concert and you are Invited.

For Directions/Information phone (845) 344-1982
And leave a message. 

Sunday School News:

            Perfect Sunday School Attendance 
                    for the month o f
                          May was:

               Justin,Zoey, and Aniyah

                      Great Job guys!

              Jesus loves a faithful servant

Did you know the Sunday School teachers are building our Children to be tomorrows moral Citizens? 

Church Christening

            On Saturday, 
  July 14, 2018, at 1:00 P.M. 

          Pastor Ranaye 
will baptize Colton and Tomas
                at the 
Voice Of The Gospel Mission Church.

             Everyone is welcomed
           For information/Directions
  Phone (845) 344-1982
              and leave message 

Church Activity

The Church is offering free Crochet classes on
If you would like to join the knitting group
phone (845) 344-1982 
Leave a message for Sonnymare or Dee.


      Don’t forget to visit the Church Website @
to meet the Pastors, review the pastor Schedule, the Church Service, the Church History, and who needs prayer.

          Also, you can read stories such as the:
“The Rabbit & Hunter,”  So Many Memories, and why Pray? And remember to view the Church Photo Album. 


   Hey! I smell Hamburgers!!!

It must be time for the Church Picnic,
Therefore, if you plan to attend
mark your calendar now!
Saturday, August 18, 2018
       At the Lions Pavilion
           What time?
      12:00 A.M. till 6:30 P.M.

“Remember to Bring a friend to the picnic”
And don’t forget to sign the picnic
Sign-up sheet located at the Church.

Don’t forget to bring a covered Dish

We also need volunteers to cook, and help
Keep the picnic area clean

This year the Church will only provide the following
Drinks: Ice tea, water, and juice for the children.
If you would like any additional flavored drinks you are welcomed to provide them for your group.

You can view the picnic menu on the Church website at
www.thegospelmission.net  ,or phone (845) 344-1982.  
        Don’t miss another year of
             “FUN IN THE SUN”
Bring the wife, Bring the kids, bring a friend
Games & activities for all ages
  Your invitation is only a phone call away
            So call (845) 344-1982 today!   

The invisible God<<<<<<<<<<<<

Most people do not believe in or acknowledge God because they do not see Him with their eyes.
Hopefully, after reading “The invisible God,” you will have a better understanding of how the Lord interacts in the lives of His people.

While in captivity, the Israelites never heard or saw the Lord with their eyes, yet God was interacting with Moses on behalf of the Israelite Nation.

The Lord said to Moses I have surely seen the oppression of My people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of the taskmasters, for I know their sorrows.

So I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a land flowing with milk and honey (Ex.3:37-9). 

The Israelites never saw the Lord’s angel who went before their camp in a pillar of cloud so that Pharaoh’s army never came near them (Ex.14:19-20).

Another example of God’s presence even though The Israelites did not see him was when Pharaoh’s army was perusing them, and the Lord troubled the armies of Pharaoh by taking off the chariot wheels of the
Egyptian army

Like the Israelites, we too have never seen the Lord as He intervenes in our lives, but one thing is for sure the Lord will fight our enemies for us if we put our hope 
and trust in Him (Ex.14:13-14).

Letters to our Readers>>>>>>>>>>>>

Having trouble reading small print, then email the pastor at denniscarolee@yahoo.com and request to receive  
Bigger print because we want our followers to enjoy the read, thank you. 


The story:

A good story is one that continually pops-up in your memory no matter how many years may have passed since the incident happened. My encounter with a rabbit occurred fifty-six years ago, but to me, it still seems like it only happened yesterday. One day while hunting I spotted a rabbit as it darted through the woods. We noticed each other at the same time; I know this because when the rabbit saw me it ran into a little cove and I gave chase. As I stepped into the narrow burrow, I noticed there was only one way in and one way out of the rabbits burrow. The rabbit was trapped and could not escape because I was standing between the rabbits only exit.

Do rabbits pray?

I raised my gun to my shoulder and looked down the barrel of my Winchester. As I was adjusted the gun's sight the Rabbit did something I have never noticed in the past; this rabbit had its eyes closed. The rabbits' strange behavior made me ask the question, is this rabbit praying?

Hey! Why are you laughing? How do you know rabbits do not pray? Are you the rabbit expert? 

Whatever the rabbit had been doing with its eyes closed it worked because soon after I thought the rabbit was praying, and I had visions of the rabbit speaking with God and begging Him for mercy. As I pointed my gun at the rabbit, my mind flooded with images of this rabbit having babies, and they are waiting for their mother rabbit to bring them dinner.

Man's heart is evil:

In the book of Genesis, the Lord said, the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth (Gen.8:21). My heart was no exception, I was in the woods for one reason, to hunt down rabbits, and to hurt, maim, and kill any rabbits that happened to cross my path that day. The prophet Jeremiah also said, the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it (Jer.17:9). My heart was deceiving me into believing it was fun to kill helpless  rabbits whom God had also created (Gen.1:20-25). I was killing innocent rabbits for no other reason than to satisfy my evil desires.

Can God change a man’s heart?

In the book of Acts, Luke, the author wrote about a man named Saul. This man was also wicked, except instead of killing rabbits, Saul was persecuting
The people of God. Some Christians, Saul shut up in prison, other Christians he would punish often, and some of the followers of Jesus he would put to death (Acts.26:9-11). As evil as Saul was yet God changed his thoughts, then his heart, and last of all, God changed his life (Acts.26:12-18). 

God’s grace changes hearts:

Saul said it was by God’s grace that his heart had been changed. As sinful as Saul was, God’s grace toward Him abounded much more (Rom.5:20-21). Saul said it was only by God’s grace that his heart became new (Eze.36:24-27). Was the rabbit praying, I don’t know, and most likely, I will never know, but one thing is sure while looking down the barrel of my gun that same grace that God showered Saul with was also poured out on me because something supernaturally happened. 

God changed my heart, then my mind, and I no longer looked at this rabbit as something to chase down maim and kill to satisfy my lust for bloodshed.
God’s grace opens the eyes of men.
For the first time, I saw this rabbit as God saw her, a mother with baby kittens. God had given this mother rabbit the responsibility to feed and protect the baby bunnies He had placed in her care.  And here I stand with a loaded gun ready to end her life because, to me, she was just a rabbit. Everything God created has a purpose in life, God’s grace opened my eyes to that truth.

Did God give me a new heart?

Did God take my heart of stone and replace it with a new heart? I do not know if He changed my heart or not, but what I do know is my desire to hunt maim, and kill animals was something I no longer desired to do. Here is what I am confident of, I entered the woods as a cold-blooded rabbit killer and after my encounter with the praying rabbit, I am leaving the forest as a man reduced to tears over a rabbit that may or may not have a litter of kittens. I thought it strange that God would use a rabbit to change a man’s heart, but He did! God supernaturally changed my heart that day while I was in the woods. 

God’s grace is available to everyone:

Why do you think I am sharing this story with you? So you can laugh, or have something to read, of course not, I am telling you my story as a testimony that God’s grace does have the power to change the hearts of men and woman even though their heart may be wicked
(Ezekiel 36: 26, 27). In the book of Luke, Jesus said, for the son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost (Lk.19:10). I was lost, in sin, and God had mercy on me and showered me with His grace.   

Did God perform a miracle?

God performed a miracle that day. The Lord had performed three miracles that day.

(1) God’s grace spared the life of a mother rabbit.
(2) By God’s grace, the baby kittens received food.
(3) By God’s grace, a man's heart changed forever.

Oh! By the way, God performed another miracle that day, since my encounter with the praying rabbit, I no longer hunt, did I shoot the rabbit? “Of course not,” and by the way, this is a true story, and the hunter was me, Pastor Dennis. And no, I was not a Pastor when I had the encounter with the praying rabbit (2-Cor.13:5-7).

I pray you enjoyed the story and may God bless you. I pray God gives everyone who reads this story a testimony that they can share with their family and friends. 

The Story teller>>>>>>>>>ws

Do you have a story or an experience that you had
With the Lord and would like to share it with our readers, if so, then email the pastor at
Jesus said to His Disciples you will be my witness,’
And like manor so are we when we tell others what Christ has done in our lives. 

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