November Newsleter 2017

Sunday Services 11:30 A.M. till 12:30 P.M.

27 Fairfax Ave
Middletown, N.Y. 10940

The Gospel News
Editor- Pastor Dennis.  



Happy Thanksgiving 

A family Newsletter




Come: Let's worship God together.

Pastor Schedule for December

Pastor Ranaye--------------December  03, 2017
Evangelist Richard---------December 10, 2017
Evangelist Andrea----------December 17, 2017
Pastor Dennis---------------December  24, 2017
Evangelist Richard---------December 31, 2017






Thank you for serving.






November Wedding Anniversaries 

May God grant you many more years together.

Happy Anniversary

Eddie and Pastor Ranaye Corley




Thank you for serving the Lord.

Congratulations Zoey for perfect attendance in October, Jesus is proud of you for your faithfulness (Matt.25:21).

A special thank you to the Sunday School teachers: Ericka, Holly, & Betty Marsea,who makes learning about the Lord fun. May God open the windows of heaven and pour out a special blessing on each of you for the dedication you show toward His children.

Letters to Evan. Andrea Batts 

It’s a year since you have come aboard as one of the Evangelist of the Church and we want to thank you for your service and the dedication you have shown toward  God’s followers.   

Repay evil with good

Don't let the sun go down on your anger


WHEN you are angry

Do something good for





Alesha, Ericka Gamella, Lisa Merritt,
            Gail Quick.

What’s in a prayer?

Father we thank you that you always hear our prayers.

I want to share with you this morning the good news of the Gospel.Two weeks ago we prayed for baby Leah who had a sleep disorder, Well, her grandmother said after we prayed for the baby she has been sleeping soundly every night. Let’s give the Lord the glory due Him.

So again I ask you, what’s in a prayer?

God's presence to heal


Letters from the Editor

As the editor, I would like to take a few minutes and share all the new topics we have planned for the church Newsletter beginning in January 2018.

1) Living in God's Kingdom.
Can today’s Christians actually live in paradise?
2) How to believe.
3) Am I a Christian if?
4) Spiritual Gifts.
5) The Christians role in the church.
6) How to pray.
Is there a right or wrong way to pray?
7) Growing the church.
How do churches grow?
8) What happens after death.
Do all believers go to heaven.
9) in the beginning.
The book of Genesis explained.
10) Did you know?
Spiritual things every Christian should know about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.    
12) Satan's pawn
Learn how Satan tries to trick and use Christians for his cause.
13) The story teller.
14) World News.
Learn what’s going on in the world and how it affects Christians.

As the pastor, my goal is threefold,
1) Reconnect our readers with God
2) Expos mistaken beliefs or misunderstandings about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
3) Explain how God is still active
 in the lives of believers today. 

What’s in a shoebox anyway?

The Sunday School Children collected

Thirty nine shoe boxes which will be donated to boys and girls around the world. For the children receiving the gifts, it means someone knows they exist and cares.

So, what's in a shoebox?

For the Sunday School Children giving the gift it means learning to have compassion on their brothers and sisters regardless of their Nationality, skin color, or Country.  

For everyone who donated a shoebox, money or their time, it means “A BIG Thank YOU”
For giving to the Lord. 

This year the Sunday School teachers are keeping track of the destination of some shoebox’s, So, be sure to visit the Church website at

Am I a Christian if?

Am I a Christian if I hate my mother or, father, or, neighbor, or my brother or, sister? The first question we should ask ourselves is, where does hatred originate? In the book of Leviticus, we are told not to hate our neighbor or, brother, or, sister in our heart (Lev.19:17-18).

Jesus spoke to His Disciples about the heart saying those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart. Jesus also said, out of the heart come evil thoughts, it is these things that defile men and women (Mat.15:15-20). So, we can safely say that hatred originates within the heart of a Person.

The next question we should ask is, what would make someone hate his brother or sister? In the book of Genesis, Joseph had eleven brothers, and ten of his siblings hated Joseph because of jealousy since their father loved Joseph more than all of his other sons. Joseph told his brothers about his dream that he would have dominion over them, their hatred for their brother intensified (Gen.37:8-9). 

It came to pass that Joseph became ruler over all of Egypt, he was second in command and now his brothers feared Joseph would hate them and seek revenge for all the evil they did to their brother Joseph (Gen.50:15). But instead, Joseph forgave his brothers for the harm they did to him (Gen.45:3-8). Jesus said they hated Me without a cause. Jesus also said some people have hated My Father and Me(Jn.15:24-25).

The Christians role  in the church

Every Christian has an important role to perform in God’s house of worship.First, As a believer in Christ, we, by faith, have received the Holy Spirit which lives within us. Furthermore, we have been given the ministry of reconciliation, in other words, we are to tell our family members and friends about the gospel of Christ. Paul calls us Ambassadors for Christ (2-Cor.5:18,20).

Secondly, every Christian is a part of the body of Christ. Regardless if you are the eye, or the foot, or ear, or even the noise, you are a valuable part of the body of Christ (1-Cor.12:14-27). Like the physical body, which cannot function properly without all of its body parts being present, likewise, the Church cannot function when a member is absent from the service. 

Thirdly, every member of the Church has been given a different gift by God for the edifying of one another, and also the Church (Eph.4:12).
Jesus has personally given spiritual gifts to the members of the Church, but not everyone may possess the same gift. Each gift is for the profit of all who believes in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (1-Cor.12:4-7). 

When Christians use their gift, it is an indication that God exists and is present during the service. Here is a list of the gifts God may have given to some in the Church:

Spiritual Gifts

1) To one is given the word of wisdom.
2) To another the word of knowledge.
3) To another faith
4) To another gifts of healing
5) To another the working of miracles
6) to another prophecy
7) to another discerning of spirits
8) Yet to another different kinds of tongues
9) To another the interpretation of tongues

All these precious gifts are given to the Church so we can use them to bless one another.
(1-Cor.12:1-31). To discover your gift pray and ask the Lord to revel the gift He has given you or
email the pastor at

The apostle Paul said although we may possess all the gifts and speak with tongues of angels and have all knowledge and all wisdom yet, love is greater than all of these gifts.      

Why is love the second greatest Commandment

1) Love is kind
2) Love does not envy
3) Love is not puffed up with pride
4) Love does not behave rudely
5) Love does not seek its own
6) Love is not provoked
7) Love thinks no evil
8) Love does no harm to a neighbor

The Bible teaches Christians to owe no one anything except to love one another, for this is the fulfillment of the law (Rom.13:1-14).

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07.09 | 22:27

Hi Pastor Dennis, The Ordination Ceremony was amazing and the pictures show the move of God! Simply awesome!! Thanks for sharing. God bless. Sister Andrea

21.08 | 21:45

Thank you Evan. Andrea, glad you enjoyed the photo's
Pastor Dennis.

17.08 | 23:19

The photos really capture the fun and enjoyment had by all. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and festivities. Thanks for sharing the memories! Sis Andrea

09.07 | 17:19

Very nice pictures! Everyone seems to be excited about the church trip. I'm sure everyone had a good time.

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