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Should school teachers carry guns while in School?

President Trump’s solution to gun control is arming teachers. Let’s talk about teachers, first, to teach in the Public School system; you would need a bachelor’s degree in an education program and State teachers certification. To receive the proper documents necessary to teach takes approximately four years to obtain as a full-time student. So, we have young men and woman who have dedicated four years of their life studying, so they can teach the next generation the skills needed in today’s world. And now! The President of the United States of America, want’s to arm teachers as a solution to combating schoolhouse massacres. 

Are teachers mentally fit to carry a gun in School?  

Let’s take a look at the implications if teachers are carrying handguns in the classroom. Any armed teacher armed with a handgun is expected to confront and stop an active shooter even if it means taking someone’s life. The first thing we should consider before arming teachings is will it affect them mentally after they have taken someone’s life. Killing someone for any reason is not easy if it was why then dose so many of our veterans return home with so many mental problems after serving in the armed forces. Sorry, God did not create us to be killers (Ex.20:13).

 Will teachers be safe if they carry guns in School?

Once teachers are carrying guns the next question to ask is, “will the teacher be safe.” Schools are like the workplace, there are no secrets, every school teacher who agrees to carry a Handgun in School run the risk of having their identity known by Co-Workers and students. And this puts them in danger if a would-be shooter decides to ambush the teacher and use their gun to carry out their evil intentions. 

What about accidental killings?

Another danger facing armed teachers is will they be accidentally killed by the police who are responding to an active shooter call at school because they have their drawn revolver in their hand.

What about existing gun laws?

And what about the few gun laws we do have in place?  What happens if the teacher fires their weapon while in school, will they be charged because they fired a gun inside of City limits? And what happens if the teacher confronts an active shooter and kills or mains the student, Will they be charged with a crime, and can they be sued by the family of the student they just shoot while protecting other students? Another question to consider is how the teacher’s family will reacted if they do kill someone in a shoot-out? The question teachers should ask before even considering the Presidents idea is will he be there as they are face with all these possibilities.’Hey! Just saying…




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Just got a chance to read the news letter it was a wonderful message, thank God for Jesus for saving me, I really enjoyed it....

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