What makes me happy

What makes
Me happy

The number one thing people have in common is, they want to be happy, but, happiness does not depend on someone’s wealth if it did there would be no unhappy wealthy people in the world. But, reality says no,’ Wealth does not make someone happy. There are three things wealth can not buy,

 1) a real friend,
2) a true love, and
 3) true happiness.

 Nor does happiness depend on someone’s fame. If it did, there would be no famous unhappy people in the world. But again, reality say’s no,’ Someone’s popularity does not make them happy.

Not even families can make someone happy. So, what makes me happy? My happiness comes from within, from the heart. Do I like everything I encounter in life” of course not! “But,” I would rather face the things I do not like being happy, rather than being unhappy.  

Happiness is a choice, “You,” can choose to be happy, or, “you,” can choose to be unhappy. The Bible says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Pro.23:7). The Bible also says we are to make melody in our hearts (Eph.5:19). So, every morning when I wake up, I have to make a decision, a decision to be happy, or a decision to be unhappy. The Bible says to take every thought into captivity (2-Cor.10:5).

Therefore, everyone has the option of capturing their thoughts and changing them, and especially if their thoughts are unhappy thoughts. So, do what I do every day, I decide to be happy, and you can too.  

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