Harassed with malicious words?

Are you being harassed with malicious words?

When someone says your ugly, fat, or stupid the
Bible says such a person does not know God and walks
In darkness and does the work of their father the devil
(1-Jn.4:8), (Jn.8:44). Theses people do not have the
Love of God in them (Jn.5:42). 

Anyone who says they love God must also love those who
Is begotten of God (1-Jn.5:1). Love does no harm to a
Neighbor (Rom.13:9-10).

So, if someone is harassing you with malicious words,
Remember three things: (1) God said by their words thy will be condemned (Matt.12:36-37). And (2) The Lord said I will repay everyone according to their work (1-Pet.1:17). And (3) Vengeance is Mine; I will repay evil people says the Lord (Heb.10:30).

I pray this message brings some comfort to your heart. 

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