It seems as if the woman’s “me too” movement is turning the world upside down. A lot of rich and famous men have fallen from grace because they

Thought they could intimidate and abuse a woman because of their status in Society. And so they did for centuries. However, today’s woman are no longer tolerating what their grandma’s and moms had to endure from filth rich men who believed money could buy anything including silencing their accusers.   

I believe this new wave of “Me too” woman will be successful in having their stories accepted for one reason, the internet, and the hundreds of Social Media sites that exist today. Today’s woman can do what our grandmas could not do in their day, and that is to reach out to thousands of other women in a single day via the internet and social media sites.    
In grandma’s day if one of these wicked men’s grandfathers propositioned her she stood alone, it was just her against her attacker and the big corporations that sheltered her abuser because of his high ranking position in that Company.

It’s a shame none of these wicked men took the time to read the Bible because if they had, they might have learned how to respect and treat the woman in their workplace. In the book of Timothy, Christian are taught to treat an older woman as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with all purity

The Bible says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Question, do you think these dirty old men would like it if someone was to treat their daughters or granddaughters the same way they treated the woman in their establishment? 

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