Everyone is fearful of something

One thing is for sure everyone is afraid of something. So regardless of the type of fear you might be facing, one thing is sure, fear will not go away or vanish nor will it leave you alone until you face your fear and conquer it. Have you ever heard the story about Jack, no, well then let me tell you about Jack?

Have you meant Jack

Jack had a good job working for a well know company. Jack’s salary with this company was great he earned a lot of money, and on top of his salary, Jack made a substantial amount of money in commissions on the products the company sells. However, one of Jack’s job duties was public speaking, and this terrified him. Jack would experience a sudden apprehension of fear, especially right before it was time to give his speech.

Jack had a serious problem

Jack’s fear was affecting his job; he was afraid to speak publicly. Jack faced a dilemma; he had two chooses. One, he could quit his job, Or two, he could find a way to conquer his fear of public speaking. Jack thought a lot about leaving his job but where could Jack get another job that pays as well as his present position? So rather than quit his job and give into his fear Jack began Inventing ways he could use to conquer his fear of public speaking.  

Techniques Jack used to overcome fear

Jack came up with several techniques as simple as taking three deep breaths before he begins to speak. Jack also used the technique of not looking directly at the audience as he talked to them. Another method Jack used was telling a jock just before he gave his speech. Jacks friend showed him a technique to try; Jacks friend said when you speak, look over the heads of your audience, and they will think you are looking directly at them.

 Jack’s co workers also feared public speaking

Jack learned that most of his co-workers who were fearful of public speaking also came up with all kinds of techniques that helped them overcome their fear of public speaking. The methods they used worked so well for them that they wrote a how-to book on “Overcoming fear.” Although the techniques Jack and his friends invented are so simple to use, they do work. So, whatever fear you might be suffering from at present, there is a technique that will help you conquer and overcome your fear.

People suffer from all types of phobias

Today people suffer from all types of anxiety such as the fear of dying. Some people suffer from phobias, such as the fear of spiders, or the fear of heights. And then there is the flight or fight fear.  But one thing is sure, you have to face your fears and overcome them, and it is not as hard as you may think it is.

Help others overcome their fears

Today People who suffer from fear can go to the nearest Library and borrow a book on fear. But better yet, like Jack and his co-workers, come up with techniques that help you overcome your fears,  Write a book and live happily ever after. No,  it is not impossible, the bible say’s  all things are possible with God. Maybe you have your fear for a reason; maybe God wants you to invent techniques that helped you overcome your fear, write your book, and help other people who are also struggling with fear. Think about it!

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