Health Care Coverage


Why should Trump be entitled to the
Best health care coverage in the world, "FREE," while
Those, “The American People” whom Trump
Works for, cannot afford coverage. What’s
Wrong with this picture?  

Latest comments

07.09 | 22:27

Hi Pastor Dennis, The Ordination Ceremony was amazing and the pictures show the move of God! Simply awesome!! Thanks for sharing. God bless. Sister Andrea

21.08 | 21:45

Thank you Evan. Andrea, glad you enjoyed the photo's
Pastor Dennis.

17.08 | 23:19

The photos really capture the fun and enjoyment had by all. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and festivities. Thanks for sharing the memories! Sis Andrea

09.07 | 17:19

Very nice pictures! Everyone seems to be excited about the church trip. I'm sure everyone had a good time.

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