Coronavirus Myths

Myths about the Coronavirus Vaccine.

To my beloved brothers in sisters in Christ Jesus, There seems to be a lot of stories floating around about the Coronavirus Vaccine, one being it changes the DNA in people.

It is everyone's, God-given right to believe as he or she may think or believe
About a Vaccine that is injected into their body, and, believe me, I am the last one to try and take that right away from anyone. However, let us reason together because maybe everything was not considered when believing the the nature or purpose of the Vaccine.

For example, Some people, including Christians, believe the virus was created by man in an attempt to secretly insert a chip or alter the DNA in those who receive the shot, this belief is a myth.

For example, what if it was true, the Vaccine does change a person's DNA. If this were true, this would mean that every prison throughout the world would have to open the prison doors wide and let every murder, rapist, and pedophile walk out those doors as free men because their DNA no longer matches the DNA which convicted them of committing a crime.

It is not logical that anyone in their right mind would purposely change a persons-God-given DNA for any reason. In my opinion, this would be like taking a giant leap back to the stone ages.

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