June Newsletter 2021

Let us pray

Father, We seek your presence that we may be made aware of power beyond ourselves. Forgive us when we forget that your ability is always available to us as we struggle in our daily walk with thee. We seek your presence, Father, because we need a strong shield against temptation, we are tempted daily by the devices of the world. Keep us we pray from compromising your truths or engaging in activity’s that are displeasing to you. We need your presence that we may find the ability and desire to be taught what is Godlike and right. We need your presence so that we might understand what is holy and sacred and eternal.

Father, we need your presence so that we might have a love for your word with all its power and insight and guidance. We need your presence so that we may be examples of Godlikeness as we walk in the community, and as we show loyalty to your kingdom, and serve you in all humility among our fellow human beings, and as we show care for your creation. We pray this prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen.



May God bless your special day! =======================================================

A family Newsletter

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May God bless you on your special day.


Evangelist Richard Johnson,
Brian Barrett, Kirsten Martin,
Wanda Wisher, Keith Corley, Jamul,
Barbara Semon, Cathy Bradford,
Bonnie Wisher, Deirdre Pagan, Chris Febus,
And, Jerome Lewis.


Chosen by God
Did you know before the foundation of the world, God chose you that you should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined you to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will (Eph.1:3-5).

To add a name to our Birthday list
Email the pastor at



Church Picnic

Hey I smell Hamburgers

Looking back at the last three picnic turn-outs, it looks
Like the picnic has lost its luster amongst the church members, therefore the church picnic will not be held this year as a result of lack of interest.



Church Trip

As the coronavirus continues to wind down with fewer reported cases, the church will once again begin planning its church trips for 2022

Summer activities.

Just as God needs our help in spreading the gospel,
Likewise, we need your help; in finding a safe and fun amusement park where both adults and children can enjoy the day together as the family of God. The church committee will consider the suggestion of everyone during meetings.

For information/Questions
Phone (845) 344-1982



Hey! Wash those hands.

Although the virus has indeed lost it grip on its victims and fewer people are wearing their face mask is no reason to stop washing our hands to help keep the family and home safe and free of germs.








Sunday School News

Sorry the Sunday School has not reopened














Letters to Brian

Dear Brian,

Happy Birthday to a great husband. I pray your day is special.

Brian, God has blessed us with a beautiful family.
Do the things you love to do, enjoy life. Continue to be a blessing to others.

God bless you always,
Love your wife





A love note from mom.

A love note to Kirsten.

KIRSTEN, I pray that you have a great birthday. Life can be very hard and challenging at times, but if you keep your eyes on the Lord, he will get you through everything.

KIRSTEN, you have grown up to be a beautiful young lady inside and out. As a mother, I am very proud of you and everything you have accomplished in life.

Kirsten, enjoy your special day.


Love always, your mom.

Why we need a Savior

everyone needs to
Accept Jesus as Savior.

Regardless if someone had committed a sin or not everyone needs to accept Jesus as their savior, why? Because of inherited sin.

Adam’s sin affected everyone in two ways,
(1) Adam’s sin passed to everyone even if they committed no sin (Rom.5:12-14). Also, the wages of sin is death so, (2) Because of Adam’s sin death passed to everyone (Rom.5:12).

When Adam sinned, the Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. And since the wages of sin is death, therefore, death passed to everyone, even to those who have not yet been born (1-Cor.15:22).

So then, who can be saved, asked the multitudes
(Lk.18:26). In (1-Jn.2:1-2) John said, if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And in (John 14:6) Jesus said, know one comes to the Father except through Me. So, even though all have sinned and in their minds became an enemy of God, there is a way back to the Father.

The Philippians jailer asked, what must I do to be saved? The apostle Paul said, if you confess with Your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved (Rom.10:9).
The Lord can heal you, perform miracles, part the red sea, Create the world, but God can not believe for you, Believing in Jesus is something you have to do for yourself, but, you can pray and ask the Lord to help you believe.



Our heavenly Father

 Whenever I think of fathers Day, it reminds me of John F. Kennedy when he was the President of the United States of America from 1961-1963. President Kennedy was also a father of two, Caroline, his daughter, and John Jr., his son. What I remember most about the Kennedy family is the video clip the media shared on live TV with the American public.

Mrs. Kennedy was being interviewed with her two children by the media in another area of the White House. The president was in the Oval Office presiding over an important meeting with dignitaries, politicians, and members of Mr. Kennedy’s cabinet. What happened next shocked the media, the secret service, and the American public, who had been witnessing this event unfold on their TV screens.

Suddenly The cameras focused on a small figure, and then another, running down the hallway where the President was conducting a meeting. The two figures running toward the Presidents door was Caroline, followed by her little brother. As the children reached the secret service detail, you are not going to believe what happened next!

As quickly as possible and without speaking a word, these armed men began making a pathway for the Kennedy children. Through the doorway, the children ran as they leaped into their Fathers Lap, and all those attending the meeting that morning could only watch in amazement at what they had just witnessed. Our Heavenly Father is like this no matter what is happing in the world; God's ear is always attentive to the cries of His children. Please read (1-Peter 3:12).


I remember when I was sixteen, my Dad, his name was Richard, sat me in a chair so he could talk to me. Pardon! No silly, not that talk about the birds and the bees, listen, do you want to tell the story or do you want me to.

My dad sat opposite me, looked me in the eyes, and said, son, we may not be rich or famous. We may not live in a mansion or palace, but we possess one valuable thing, the family name. Then my dad went on to say, please, son, never tarnishes the name of Johnson by your words or deeds.

And like my Dad, God does not want His children to tarnish the Christian name as well. And therefore, the apostle Paul warns Christian everywhere to put off their former conduct. Therefore, stop lying. Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth. Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking put it away from you so that we do not blaspheme the name of the Lord (James 2-7).

If our earthly fathers want their kids to imitate them, how much more, will our Heavenly Father desire for His children to imitate Him, The apostle Paul said, imitate me, just as I imitate Christ (Read 1-Cor.11:1).
As a follower of Christ, we should walk just as Christ walked while He was present on the earth (1-Jn.2:6).

God has three desires for His children
1) That we know Him-
2) That we be conformed to Christ image.
3) That we walk in love


Jacob demonstrates his love toward Joseph.

Joseph’s father loved him, although his brothers described him as a dreamer. Jacob, to demonstrate his love for his son Joseph made him a coat of many colors. God, like Joseph, sent His Son Jesus into the world to demonstrate His love for His children as well (Rom.5:8).

God’s gift to the world.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, a Pharisees and a ruler of the Jews (Jn.3:1). For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life (Jn.3:16).
John, when he saw Jesus coming toward him, he said, behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (Jn.1 29).

God’s gift of eternal life.

The first gift God makes available to anyone who willingly accepts it by faith, believing in their heart, that God raised Jesus from the dead will receive the gift of eternal life (Rom.10:9). Paul, the apostle writes, For by grace you have been saved and that not of yourself; it is the gift of God (Eph.2:8). Can you imagine living in a paradise for eternity? A world where there will be no more tears nor death, nor sorrow, nor crying (Rev.21:1-4).

God’s gift of the Holy Spirit.

The second gift God gives those who believe in Jesus for salvation is the gift of the Holy Spirit. God never meant for His children to navigate through this evil and fallen world alone. Why? Because our adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1-Peter 5;8). therefore, God gives us His Spirit, the Holy Spirit that dwells within every believer (2-Cor1:22).

God gives us a heavenly family.

At repentance, believers are delivered from the family of darkness and into the Lord’s family. For as many are led by the spirit of God, theses are sons and daughters of God. God’s spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, and if children, then heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ



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