August Newsletter 2021

August Birthdays


Evan. Andrea, Pastor John Orlando,
Leah, Aymora, Neveah, Eddie Wisher,
Daquana Lewis, Bernice Majors,
Justin Gamella, Tammy Johnson,
and Heather Johnson.

If you would like to add a loved ones
name to our Birthday list
Email the pastor at
God looked down that invisible road called the future, invisible to the human eye, but exposed to the eye of God, and there, He did predestine before the world was created that Andrea, John, Leah, Aymora, Neveah, Eddie, Daquana, Bernice, Justin, Tammy, and Heather would enter the world in the month of August.
For additional information read (Eph.1:1-10).

God created each individual in His image in the image of God; He created them. Read (Gen.1:27).
God created each person according to His purpose, and His plan, for their life. God, sealing those who believe with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our eternal inheritance
(Read Eph.1:11-23).

Pastor Dennis’ prayer for our August birthday gang is that may God give to each of you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God. May the Lord enlightened your understanding that you may know God personally.



As our children and grandchildren prepare to venture back into the classroom, our prayers are vital more than ever as our kids will be subjected to so many unusual events, such as mask-wearing, keeping six feet away from their classmates, washing their hands often.

So Lord: we pray, watch over our children, protect
Them, watch over them as well as the teachers, the Administrators, and the Cafeteria staff.

We also pray, Father, asking that you protect the school nurses, the bus drivers, and staff, as well as the Janitors, Secretaries, and everyone involved with educating our children.

Father, keep them under your wing as a mother hen keeps her chicks safely under

her wings.



her wings, Amen.

Thank you for the reminder

God’s in charge

A poem by Brother Michael Eason.

When the trials of life seem to be working your nerves, and you don’t know what to do, or when it seems your having so many problems like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew; there’s just one thing you must tell yourself when these situations arise that you can not dodge. You must sit down, chill, calm yourself. Relax, God is in charge.



Are you really saved?

As a pastor, I believe the number one question Christians should ask themselves is, am I saved if I refuse to forgive the people who abused me?

Visit the pastors face book page at

and read what the pastor wrote about
“Why Christians should forgive,” it could save your eternal life.

To open article click on Hub Page-why Christians should forgive.

If you do not have or use a computer, you can obtain a FREE copy of the article,

"Why Christians should forgive"

by writing to:
The Voice of the
Gospel Mission Church
27 Fairfax Ave
Middletown NY 10940

Or phone (845) 344-1982
And leave a message



In (Mark 16:15) Jesus said to the faithful, go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Why would God tell His followers to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation?

The apostle Paul, in (2-Cor.5:20) answers our question by saying: now then, we are ambassadors
For Christ, as through God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ behalf, be reconciled to God.

In (2-Peter 3:9), God reveals His will for His creation saying, that the Lord is not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance.
 If you would like to help reach the world with the gospel through the Church Newsletter, you can do so by making a donation in any amount.

Please make checks payable to:

The voice of the Gospel
Mission Church
27 Fairfax Ave
Middletown NY 10940


The Shoe Box Program

The shoebox program for 2021 has begun at the Voice of the Gospel Mission Church. The Church goal this year is to fill twenty shoeboxes with goodies that the church will donate to Samaritan Purse, who will distribute them to boys and girls around the world, (Read Mark 16:15).

The shoebox program is about more than a gift- it is about sharing the love of Christ, His compassion, His mercy, and tender care for all His children regardless of their nationality, please read (Malachi 2:10). As a Christian, we are stewards and overseers over God’s earthly children.

Jesus’ brother James, writes, pure and undefiled religion before God, and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble (James 1:27). For a child, there is no worse trouble than waking-up on Christmas day with no gifts under the tree.

Won’t you help God touch the hearts and souls of His children by donating to a worthy cause? Jesus said, since you provided a gift for one of the least of these my children, then you gave it in My name (Matt.25:40).
If you would like to participate in the shoebox program this year and need an empty shoebox to fill with goodies
Phone (845) 344-1982, and the pastor will drop one off at your home for free.

This year have fun, make your gift-giving a family affair, request two or more “free shoebox’s” and let each family member provide gifts for the Samaritan Purse Christmas around the world program. You will receive the credit for every shoebox you donate. Once your shoeboxes is full, phone (845) 344-1982) and the pastor will pick them up from your home. It’s that easy to give a gift to a child.

However, If you are like so many other Americans who have very little time to shop and still would like to take part in the Shoebox program you can do so by sending a donation in any amount to:

The Voice of the Gospel Mission Church
27 Fairfax Ave
Middletown NY 10940
845 (344) 1982

Please write “shoebox” on your check. May God bless you in advance for your generosity

Phone (845) 344-1982



The story of love Bible Study.

1) In the book of John, the author writes a story about love; but not just any ordinary love, but the Love of God, which He has showered on His predestined children. (Q-01) Because of God’s agape love, what did John call us who believe? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.3:1.


2) John writes saying: and this is God’s commandment: that we should belie in the name of His Son Jesus Christ. (Q-02) What else did God command Christians to do? Reference Scripture (Jn.3:23).

3) John also writes saying: we know we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. (Q-03) What did John say about those who do not love their brethren? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.3:14.



4) In John’s, letter he writes God is love; he also writes about people who do not love his brothers and sisters in Christ. If you don’t love others (Q-04), who do they not know? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.4:8.

5) If someone says they love God, (Q-5) who else are they commandment to love as well?
Reference Scripture 1-Jn.4:21.

6) If Christians who want to overcome the world (Q-6), What must they believe about Jesus?

Reference Scripture 1-Jn.5:5.

7) John writes about The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. (Q-7) What did John write about these three divine deities? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.5:7.

My prayer for you is that this study helps you with your walk with the Lord.



Believe God can

When we Pray believe God can do everything He says

Today’s Newspapers are full of stories relating to neighborhood drug raids. This Constant flood of drug raids in the same neighborhoods should tell us something; they are not stopping the flow of drugs. Illegal drugs sold on the street affect the entire community as well as individual families.

Right now, somewhere in the neighborhood, some mother’s son or daughter may be strung out on drugs. And how about the constant thefts committed on parents and the community by the children who are stealing in order to buy more drugs.

As parents and grandparents, we need to consider how our children’s lives will be changed forever if introduced to drugs by a friend or by a drug dealer looking for new customers.

Some of our readers will say, what can I do Pastor?
Well, if you are a Christian, You will pray.
The Bible says in everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made know to God (Phil.4:6).

Pray for your children, our grandchildren, and the children living in our neighborhood. Pray they not be tempted or enticed by drugs (Matt.26:41). Pray for the people all over the world who are suffering from drug addiction. Pray God will break Satan’s hold over these people and also that God will remove the desire for drugs from their system. 


As Christians, let us pray for the drug dealers, pray perhaps God will open their eyes and that they will see the truth that what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?


Pray God changes the hearts of the drug dealers with a compassionate heart, and they realize how drugs are ruining and tear families apart. Pray God will bless them with wisdom, and they will realize that they will be held accountable to God for every person who has lost their lives because of the drug dealers, greed for money.




Jayden Wood

In achieving your Black Belt 

In Martial Arts

On July 10th 2021,

Under the watchful Eye Of
Master Belisto
Of Lock Sheldrake


Bible Study Answer

The story of love
Bible Study Answers

(Q-01) Because of God’s agape love, what did John call us who believe? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.3:1.
Answer: We should be called the children of God.

(Q-02) What else did God command Christians to do? Reference Scripture (1-Jn.3:23).
Answer: Love one another.

(Q-03) What did John say about those who do not love their brethren? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.3:14.
Answer: Abides in death.

(Q-04), who do they not know? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.4:8.
Answer: Does not know God.

(Q-5) who else are they commandment to love as well? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.4:21.
Answer: They must love their brothers.

(Q-6), What must they believe about Jesus?
Reference Scripture 1-Jn.5:5.
Answer: Jesus is the Son of God.

(Q-7) What did John write about these three divine deities? Reference Scripture 1-Jn.5:7.
Answer: These three are one.

For information/question email the pastor at:



In these verses we glimpse an ancient family fight, centered around tremendous tragedy. Job was a man that feared God, yet there has been death in the family, warfare, robbery, loss of wealth, and for Job’s wife loss of perspective. Job’s wife became cynical and bitter and vindictive, and she blames God.

She tells Job to curse God and die. When Job tells her she speaks as a “foolish woman” He uses a Hebrew word which means” to fade, to wither.” it is a word for falling away, for reversion; Job is saying “you are speaking like a foolish woman not knowing God. Then Job asks her a question: “shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity? When he asks this, he is illustrating three very important doctrinal principles.

(1) The believer who only wants blessings is weak and immature.
(2) The believer who gripes and complains in adversity does not understand either God or His plan.

(3) The believer who falls apart under pressure does not understand the angelic conflict or the power of God.

The war that Job was involved in stretches from the ashes he sat in to the throne room of God, but his battle was won in the soul. Through all his calamity and pain, Job did not sin with his lips. But what came or did not come out of his lips was only a manifestation of what had already happened in his heart. Job won the battle because of his thoughts; he chose to believe God. Faith was the victory. All human history boils down to individual, personal decisions.

The angelic conflict is being resolved not in heaven, not in the cosmic sphere, but in the souls of individual men and woman. Every day billions and billions of battles are fought in the minds of men over the plan of God for their life. Wont you obey and trust God’s plan for you?

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