Today's Thought 3-4-22

Paul was uncertain of the future the Roman government was against him. Rome was the greatest political power, in that day and Paul was being held a prisoner, with the greatest power on earth against him; Yet, he is able to say, “My God.” When circumstance forcibly makes us feel that things are against us; yes even when the strongest force on earth is marshaled against us; If then we can reverently look up and say, “My God,” we will find the truth of Paul’s word. “If God is for us who can be against us?”

Paul was uncertain of the future. He was awaiting trial, and he did not know what the next day or hour might bring forth. When the outcome of life is uncertain and a soul quivers in the balance, look back, my friend, and see this man Paul, who was not sure of the next event, say with him, “My God.”

Paul was most likely alone, and this could be his last imprisonment, and he probably was confined to his cell. He is alone, yet he says, my God. When you stand alone in the principles that guide your life and your morals, and you must fight life’s battle alone, can you not see this Roman prisoner, and like him, say, my God, my Savior.

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