March Newsletter 2022


HAPPY  Anniversary 

Pastor Dennis & Carolee Johnson








Lashaniva, Little Frankie, Betty G,
Nicole, SonnyMarie, Beulah,
Sheila Scott, and Jayden.






At the end of our Church Service, we would always give testimonies; one Sunday, our aunt stood-up looked at the congregation and said, be careful what you pray for, then she said, I had arthritis in my right hand, so I prayed to the Lord and asked Him to take this pain from my right hand, well do you know what the Lord did? He removed my arthritis from my right hand and placed it in my left hand. So, Be specific when praying. (LOL).





Church Picnic

Hi folks, have you heard the Good News! this year the Voice of The Gospel Mission Church is holding their Church Picnic at:

Fancher Davidge Park,
130 Lake Ave,
Middletown NY, 10940
at the Lion's Den,

And you are invited,
Bring a friend, bring
The kids and have fun
In the Sun.

When? August 6, 2022.
What Time? 12:30 P.M. till 8: P.M.
So, mark your calendar now!
And call
and have your name added to the
Picnic attendees list.

Letters from Pastor Dennis

Bridle the tongue

Have you ever had a Kodak moment, “you know,” when it seems like you stuck your foot in your mouth once again? The psalmist says every time we fail to bridle our tongues, this is what we are doing, sticking our foot in our mouth (Psalm 39:1).

The tongue is such a little member, yet, if not bridled, it can defile the whole body (James 3:5-12). When the tongue is not bridled, it can spew out deadly poisons that kill the spirit of the hearers (Rom.3:10-18).

Three things to remember:

(1) Never speak when you are angry the Bible says
out of the heart the mouth speaks; whatever
you say in anger is coming from the heart;
therefore, calm down, then talk, to learn more
read (Matthew 15:15-20).

(2) God takes every word that comes out of our
mouth very seriously think before you speak.
Never belittle or hurt anyone with your words.
When you do, you are belittling someone, God
Created, to learn more read (Eph.4:29-32), and
Also (Matthew 15:15-20).

(3) Speak words of encouragement to one other.
Let your words be seasoned with salt, and let
it, edify the hearers. Remember, whatever
you say to anyone, whether Good or bad, the
Lord is listing to the words escaping from your

to learn more read (Col.4:6), as well as

Have questions, need answers

Email Pastor Dennis at 

The story of Stephen.

Everyone has a story to tell; this is Stephen's story.

Stephen was a man full of faith and filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:5). Stephen was also a leader of the Jerusalem Church, and he devoted his life to serving God. As well as his fellow man.

As we study the life of Stephen, we can see how the Holy Spirit was at work in his life.

First notice: Stephen was full of wisdom.
The Bible describes two types of wisdom.
James, the brother of Jesus, describes the first type of wisdom as earthly, sensual, and does not descend from above but is from man, please read (James 3:13-16). The second type of wisdom is the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit (to learn more, please read Eph.1:15-23).

So, we read that Stephen displayed the wisdom which comes from the Holy Spirit and not man,
(Read Acts 6:3). The wisdom which comes from the Holy Spirit is the wisdom God wants all believers to exhibit in this life. James tells us if any of you lacks wisdom, let him, or her, pray to God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to them, (To learn more, read,
(James 1-1-8).

Stephen did great wonders, signs, and miracles among the people of God. Like Stephen, God expects all Christians to speak His word boldly and without fear. In (2-Cor.5:20), Christians are taught that they are ambassadors for Christ, to learn more (Read Luke 21:15).

Stephen Gave his all to the ministry and God gave him paradise. Please read (Acts 7;54-60).


In the Bible, there was a man named David. He was like any other man on the earth except David desired a woman named Bathsheba. God often speaks about man’s desires in the Bible, saying, you shall not desire your neighbor’s wife or anything that Is your neighbor’s (Deut.5:21).

Everyone has desires for something. According to the Bible, David went beyond what was considered a normal desire. David imagined sleeping with Bath-Sheba in his mind even thought she was married, and the wife of Uriah,
To learn more read (Matt.5:19-48).

David was enticed by Bath-Sheba’s beauty she
was very desirable and hard to resist. The bible also talks about temptation saying, but each is tempted when drawn away by his own desires and enticed. And when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death (James 1:14-15): for more information, read (1-Cor.6:9-20).

The bible says the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth. For further information, read
(Gen.8:21-22). Because of desire, David lied, he schemed and planned to have Uriah killed, so he could sleep with Uriah’s wife Bath-Sheba, to learn more read (2-Sam.11:14-26),

Because of desire, David could not see his sin. Like David, we too cannot see our sins because of the pleasure it produces. Therefore, it is crucial that we
Examine ourselves weekly or monthly to see if we
are in the faith. Every Christian should read
(Psalm 139:23-24) and asks God to search their heart for any wickedness that might be raising its ugly head.

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