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Let us pray

Your will be done Lord.

We seek your presence that we may be made aware of power beyond ourselves. Forgive us when we forget that your ability is always available to us as we struggle in our daily walk with thee.

We seek your presence, Father, because we need a strong shield against temptation, we are tempted daily by the devices of the world. Keep us we pray from compromising your truths or engaging in activity’s that are displeasing to you.

We need your presence that we may find the ability and desire to be taught what is Godlike and right. We need your presence so that we might understand what is holy and sacred and eternal.

Father, we need your presence so that we might have a love for your word with all its power and insight and guidance. We need your presence so that we may be examples of Godlikeness as we walk in the community, and as we show loyalty to your kingdom, and serve you in all humility among our fellow human beings, and as we show care for your creation. We pray this prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen.




Mothers are special.

May God bless your special day.











Created by God in the month of May.


Eddie Corley, Pete Gamella, Tierra,
Carthen Davoren, Katrina Kummer,
MaryAnn Bertholf, Suzy Bertholf.




Thought for today.

Created by God to be a blessing.

Remember your purpose

God created you to be a blessing and
not a curse. Please read (Romans 12:14).






Father, help me be who you say i am. Amen.

Heavenly Father,

Today help me to be swift to hear,
Slow to speak, and slow to anger,
I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.







Church Picnic

Information/questions phone 845-(344) 1982

Hi folks, have you heard the Good News! this year the Voice of The Gospel Mission Church is holding their Church Picnic at:

Fancher Davidge Park,
130 Lake Ave,
Middletown NY, 10940

at the Lion's Den,

And you are invited,
Bring a friend, bring
The kids have fun
In the Sun.

August 6, 2022.

What Time?
12:30 P.M. till 8: P.M.

So, mark your calendar now!

To attend call
and have your name added to the

Picnic attendees list.




The Bible

Praying for your salvation.

If anyone calls themselves a Christian and fails to read the Bible, they are doing themselves a great injustice because, through the Bible, God reveals His heart, mind, and plan to Christians who follow and obey Him.

In the book of Psalm, the author writes that God is gracious and full of compassion. He is a righteous God and one that can not lie
(read Psalm, chapter 111, verse 10. God’s will is that none of His creation should perish but that all should repent Read (2-Peter, Chapter 3, verse 9).

Christian’s who refuse to read the Bible will eventually end-up like Eve, misinformed, discouraged and disappointed because they lack the knowledge it takes to please God, because the refuse to read God’s word which imparts knowledge to the reader.




The story of Eve

Hi ladies, do you remember me, Egbert, the Church Professor? Pastor Dennis asked me to discuss the mothers of the Bible. But before we begin, let me wish all the moms a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. The Pastor did not tell me which mother to mention, so let’s discuss Eve, the wife of Adam, first.

Eve was the first woman to be created by God, for the Bible says, and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of Adam’s ribs and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rib which; the Lord God had taken from man He, made into a woman, and He brought her t o the man. And Adam said: this is now “bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman. Because she was taken out of Man. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh; (Genesis, chapter 2, verses 21 thru 24).

Eve, Adam’s wife is the:

1) Mother of all living.
2) Is the first woman to give birth to a child.
3) Is the first mother to greave the death of her
4) Is the first woman to be deceived by the
Moses wrote about Eve, being deceived by the serpent two-thousand years ago, and now the apostle Paul, writes a letter and addressed it to 

serpent deceived Eve with his craftiness. So your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity: that is in Christ, Paul writes in (2-Corinthians, chapter 3, verse 3.

Pastor Dennis said there are six ways in which a Christian can be deceived, and it is worth our time to look at each one in detail so that we too are not deceived?

The prophet Moses writes in (Geneses, chapter 31, verse 7) that we can be deceived by:

1) By man (read Genesis 31:7), as well as 1-Jn.3:7).
2) By the desires of the heart.
(Read Deuteronomy 11:16), (Isaiah 44:20)
And (The book of Obadiah). Read also (Job
3) By the serpent, also called the Devil (please
read Genesis, chapter 3, verse 13) as well as
4) By deceiving oneself (Read Gal.6:3) also read
(James 1:26).

The Pastor said since today’s Christians are so easily deceived, we must watch and pray, lest we too are deceived as told by Jesus in (1-John4:1).

Love and best wishes to all our mom's ======================================================

The fourth person in the garden

If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, you will be saved.

Jesus said to His disciple's man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Question? How will you know what God is saying if you fail to read His word?

Then entered Satan. Satan was the fourth person in the garden. What made Satan so dangerous to God’s newly created family? It was his power to sway; it was his power to affect other peoples thinking or actions through argument or reasoning.

Satan was and still is a rebel toward God. Satan defies God’s authority. His goal is to overthrow God’s government. Satan’s fight is not with you but with God, and by hurting you, Satan hurts God (Rev.12:17).

Satan’s Attack: Satan did not attack Eve physically, or with weapons. He attacked Eve with words, God’s words. Satan said to Eve, Did God really say?

Satan’s Attack; Satan did not attack Eve physically or with weapons. He attacked Eve with words, God’s words. Satan said to Eve, Did God really say?

The challenge. With four little words, Satan convinced Eve to challenge God in three crucial areas.

(1)God’s Authority, Has God indeed said?
(2) God’s judgment, you will not die.
(3) God’s goodness, desiring what’s forbidden

Satan’s Surprise.
Sin is Sin. Man should have been destroyed in the Garden of Eden when Adam obeyed the voice of his wife Eve, rather than God's.

Satan never dreamed or considered God’s grace (Rom.5:1-21). Because God is a merciful God, He covered Adam and Eve’s sin (Gen.3:21) (Rom.4:7-8). Then God sent His only begotten son into the world to cover our sins (John 3:16), But you have to confess Him as your savior and Lord. (Rom 10:8-15) 

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