Why Christians should read the Bible

The Holy Bible

The Bible.

God has taken the time to inspire, guide, and encourage His prophets to write the Holy Bible. Why would God influence someone to write the Bible, a book that He certainly does not need? God inspired His prophets to write the Bible for sinners, for the lost, and for people who choose to follow the Lord’s teachings.

Man’s existence.

In the book of Genesis, God calms the minds of people who may have wondered, or asked, where did I come from, and why am I here? Do you think God was surprised, or shocked, that people would ask questions about their existence, of course not, God was not caught off guard by man’s curiosity? God planned for such from His creation; this is why God instructed the prophets to write about the existence of the universe, as well as man’s creation (Gen.1:1-31).  

The Book of Genesis.

God inspired His prophet to write in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and everything in them (Col.1:15-17). The prophet also wrote about the creation of man, made in God’s image. This information God placed on the very first page of the book of Genesis. The Lord answered man’s fundamental question, where I
Am from, and why am I here, before He created man in His likeness (Gen.1:1-31). 

God reveals His heart to humanity.

If anyone calls themselves a Christian, and fail to read the Bible, they are doing themselves a great injustice, because, through the Bible, God reveals His heart, and mind, to His created creatures. In the book of Psalm, the author writes, God is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous, in other words, God will never treat anyone unjustly or unfairly (Psalm 111:1-10). God’s will for humanity is that none should perish (2-Peter 3:9).   

 God communicates through the Bible.

God communicates with His creation through the Bible. In the book of Psalm, the Psalmist writes, call on God in the day of trouble; and He will deliver you (Psalm 50:15), but of course, unless people read the Bible, they will not know that God is willing to help them during their time of distress. In the book of Luke, Jesus said man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (Matt.4:4). Anyone who wishes to live there life by God’s word will not be successful unless they read the scriptures.   

Love one another.

In the book of John, Jesus gave His followers a new commandment telling them to love one another (Jn.15:12). Who are we to love? Are Christians only to love the followers of Christ? And how are we to love the people residing outside of Christianity?
The answer to these delicate questions can only be answered by reading, praying, and Studying the Holy Bible (1-Jn.3:11-23), (1-Jn.4:7-21), (1-Jn.5:2-3).     

Let God’s word dwell in you.

In the book of Colossians the apostle Paul writes, let the word of God dwell in you richly. If anyone desires to have God’s word reside within them, they must first read God’s word found in the Bible.

Be doers of the word.

In the book of James, the author writes, be doers of the word, and not hearers only.
Regardless how long someone may have been a Christian, they will not succeed at being a doer of the word if they are not reading the Bible.

Are you reading your Bible?

People who refuse to read the Bible, will eventually end-up like Eve, misinformed, disappointed, and deceived (Gen.3:1-7). God writes in the Bible, encouraging and rewarding the righteous while discouraging and warning the wicked. Are you reading your Bible?

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Your church is the typical den of devils if you do not believe God hates all divorce from a covenant marriage and that only DEATH ends that bond.

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We believe in marriage after a divorce

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Hello. What does the church teach about what Jesus said in Mark 10:11-12?

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