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As a fellow driver, at one time, I also suffered from road rage and have listed a few incidents that would trigger my road rage and cause it to rear its ugly head.

The triggers that set off my road rage.

1) When a driver is following to close.
2) When a driver cuts in front of me.
3) Whenever a driver slows down or speeds up to Irritate me
4) When a driver gives the middle finger or shouts profanity out the window.
5) when a driver purposely causes me to miss the green light.

Other factors that might trigger road rage.

1) A traffic accident.
2) A fender bender.
3) When a driver cuts you off and steals your parking space.
4) When you feel disrespected by the actions of another driver.
5) When a driver is irritated or angry.

The dangers of road rage?

What makes an altercation with another motorist so dangerous; is they may be carrying a weapon or suffer from a mental or anger disorder.

Other factors that make confrontations on the highway dangerous.

1) The other driver could be high on drugs or alcohol.
2) They might be suicidal.
3) Their vehicle might be new, borrowed, or rented.
4) They might have had an altercation with a spouse, companion, or employer.

How to avoid a confrontation with an irate driver.

Pay attention to the body langue of an angry driver, and if he or she is acting irrationally, stay in your car, lock the doors, and call 911, and wait for the police to arrive at the scene.

What to remember during a confrontation with an angry driver.

1) Remember, it takes two people to start an argument.
2) it takes heated words to escalate an argument.
3) Remember any damage to your vehicle can be fixed, repaired, or replaced.
4) Remember to agree with an angry driver until the proper authorities arrive.

Don’t be a victim of road rage.

Remember, an angry motorist might be looking for an opportunity to take his or her anger and frustration out on another innocent motorist, don’t let it be you.

1) Stay calm.
2) Stay safe
3) And remember, do not let someone suffering from road rage drag you into an altercation.

Where to find help.

There is help for anyone who may have trouble controlling their anger. Everyone gets angry at one time or another; this is what makes us human,
However, the Bible says to be anger and sin, not (Eph.4:26).
Another source of help is calling an anger management program in your town or city. With today’s technology, there is also help on the internet for anyone who has trouble control their anger at:

2) www.angermanagementsite/classes

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